Where on (Google) Earth #599?

It’s been a long time since I’ve played WoGE, but last week I found The Inquisitive Rockhopper’s WoGE #598. I recognized that the lineament was the key geologic feature and, along with a little help from the golf course, I was quickly able to spot the locality along Japan’s Median Tectonic Line.

And so, it’s my turn again… (apologies for the delay). WoGE #599 is pictured below. It’s probably not going to be too hard to locate, but I suspect describing the geology will be somewhat more challenging. Nevertheless, there will be no Schott Rule (because I’ve come to hate it).

WoGE #599

To win the honor of hosting WoGE #600, you’ll need to identify the location shown above (latitude & longitude will suffice), and give a geological explanation of what’s going on here (you could describe the visible geomorphology or do more research and describe the geologic history of the underlying rocks). Since I’ve last played WoGE I’ve discovered Macrostrat.org which is an excellent resource for beginning to understand the geology of any area on Earth. Highly recommended!

Have fun!