In the Delivery Room

When considered in the context of Earth’s geologic history, the range of geological experiences I’ve had the opportunity to actually experience firsthand are generally so mundane that none could be considered “important”. Certainly no one geological experience I’ve had stands out in my mind as singularly “important” – at least not yet.

And yet, choose I must, because September is nearly done and I’ve missed yet another Accretionary Wedge deadline. So, though I’m interpreting this topic a bit differently than many of my peers, my selection is, on some level, a trite and jaded one.

So many geological processes that we witness at Earth’s surface are destructive (e.g., weathering, erosion, mass wasting, etc.) but how often do we experience Mother Earth renewing herself? I submit that it is not often, yet when considered in the context of the rock cycle, it is of fundamental importance. How much less exciting would geology be on a planet that had long since ceased to be active? Thus I choose for my most “important” geological experience being present at the birth of a rock.

Pahoehoe, vintage 2004
Obligatory cute baby picture.
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