Where on (Google) Earth #49?

Well, since I conquered the Swiss Alps, it’s my turn again to send you off on a journey of discovery.

I don’t think this one will prove too hard to find, so I’m invoking the Schott Rule (post time 0:05 am CDT) to slow down the veterans a bit. The geology is interesting and deserves a good explanation.

As has been my habit recently, the view is an oblique anaglyph:

Where on (Google) Earth #49

By the way, how many of my viewers actually have red-blue glasses to view these anaglyphs properly? Let me know in the comments.

As we approach WoGE #50, don’t forget that you can keep up date with a list of all past winners via the following Google Earth network link: http://ron.outcrop.org/kml/WoGE.kmz

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