Where on (Google) Earth #46?

Apologies for the slow turnaround, but I was looking for a site for Where on (Google) Earth #46 that has some juicy geologic features. Oooh, and have I got a good one for the structural geologists out there! This one’s just dripping with folding goodness. As always the winner is the person who correctly identifies the location in Google Earth (a placemark would be great, but latitude and longitude will suffice). This particular challenge deserves a rich geological explanation from anyone who can read the landforms or, perhaps, is familiar with the field area. I’d be really interested to learn about a couple of references if anyone knows the specific units/structures in the region.

The Schott Rule is in effect – post time 8:00 am CDT.

As with a few of my previous challenges I’m going with an oblique anaglyph view and dispensing with the traditional map view…

Where on (Google) Earth #46


P.S. I also wanted to concur with Sabine in urging WoGE participants to put your GE searching skills to use in the hunt for Steve Fossett.

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