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It seems I’ve gotten into a bit of a rut on this blog over the last month – nothing but Where on (Google) Earth posts. As much fun as they are, it’s time to post something else… anything else. :-)

current Latest Posts boxHow about a quick shout out, then, to Rocketboom where Joanne launches* into a discourse on meteorites today. Nicely done, too.

As I indicated in my last WoGE post I’ll be off on vacation for a couple of weeks. I’ll certainly be using the time to relax and refresh before the fall semester, but I’m also looking to beef up my collection of geology teaching images in an area I haven’t visited since before the dawn of digital photography. I’m hoping to shoot a bunch of QTVR panoramas along the way, too. I’ve always intended to incorporate these into virtual field trips, and to supplement my mineralogy/petrology labs with outcrop photos/panoramas to improve the field context of lab specimens. I’m curious what others have done in this realm? Of couse, ideally we’d be able to take our students to the outcrops and let them see the relations for themselves, but this is increasingly cost prohibitive. Would others benefit from lab suites where the rock samples had a companion virtual outcrop? What would be the ideal components to such a suite? What locations/rock and mineral suites would be useful in your labs?

And while I’m pondering things, where does the geoblogosphere see these blogs going? Are they here mainly to entertain a small audience or do they hint at larger possibilities? I’m disappointed to report that the Web 2.0 and Geosciences session I was going to chair at GSA ended up getting canned because it only got nine of the twelve required abstracts to be a viable session. (Thanks to those who did submit!) I really feel there’s a lot of potential for applying blogging, podcasting, wikis and the like in the geosciences, but maybe I’m drinking too much of the Web 2.0 Kool-aid. I’d even contemplated launching a social network for geologists and the geoblogosphere using Ning, but maybe it’s too soon. Anyhow, I throw all of this out there for you to mull while I’m gone… maybe it’ll sprout some new ideas.

*pun intended

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