Where on (Google) Earth #34?

For the first time since it was formulated I’m invoking the Schott Rule on this Where on Google Earth challenge. I think Lab Lemming‘s got a great idea for us veterans to wait a while and give newbies a chance to get in the game on these challenges. In a nutshell, the Schott Rule says previous winners should wait at least an hour for each previous victory before posting a solution on WoGE challenges (when it’s invoked). So, for example, Thermochronic would have to wait 4 hours before submitting an answer on this challenge – your wait time is indicated by your number of wins in the official tally in the top level info box on the master compilation of winners. (I’ll do my best to keep that up to date during vacation, but there may be some delays.) Newbies, of course, can start right away!

Under the Schott Rule I’ll be waiting at least 15 hours from the posting time of the next challenge in which I participate as a competitor. It may be a moot point for me anyhow for the next couple of weeks. I’m off in a day or two for a two-week vacation followed by a four day conference, so my WoGE appearances will be few and far between for that stretch (and there was much rejoicing!) Today’s challenge is one of my intended vacation destinations:

Where on (Google) Earth #34

Where on (Google) Earth #34 Supplement

To keep it interesting I’m zoomed in to a mere 750 meters off the deck. In part, this is intended to make a coastal location more challenging to find, but it’s also because there’s a remarkable bit of bedrock geology exposed in the challenge area when you look at the image close enough. As always, I’d like to get as detailed an explanation as possible of the geology of the area along with the location. In a month or so when I get back I’ll post photos and hopefully a few QTVR panoramas of this site, as well. As it happens, the point at the southeast corner of this view was the site of a pace and compass mapping project during my own undergrad field camp back in the summer of 1989. The photo at the right illustrates some of the other landforms in the region (but not in the specific area of this WoGE challenge).

Once you’ve figured out where I’m vacationing I’d love to hear your suggestions for spots in the area with interesting geology to photograph (possibly in panoramic QTVR). Submit them in the comments or by e-mail (with GE placemarks, if you want). Any other suggestions for photogenic geology in the general region are also welcome. I generally geotag and post my field photos to my Flickr account where most are available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

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