Where on (Google) Earth #29?

Sorry for those of you who might have been looking for a quick fix. After the breakneck pace of WoGE numbers 26, 27, and 28 I wanted to find a more remote spot to see if I couldn’t slow things down a bit. I don’t think this will be as challenging to find as #25, but who knows?

Here we go:

Where on (Google) Earth #29

Also an oblique anaglyph (which actually does give away more than the overhead view, if you know what you’re looking for):

Where on (Google) Earth #29 oblique anaglyph

And finally, an anaglyph flythrough movie (22M wmv – sorry Mac fans). Why? Because I can! Get out those red/blue glasses!

I personally don’t know much about the geology of this area, besides what I can see of the basic landforms. There appear to me to be a couple of interesting ones you don’t always see side by side.

Happy Hunting!

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