Day #98 Deskcrop: Slickensided Vein in Slate

As promised I’m following up today with another slickensided deskcrop. Whereas yesterdays slickensides (on a conglomerate) were just a polished surface, today’s slickensides are developed on a vein surface in slate. The slickensided surface (top photo) bears the chlorite green color of the host slate. When we turn the sample (center) for an edge view (bottom) one can see that these slickensides have developed on a quartz vein, with what appears to be some sort of augen(?) or boudin(?) of slate caught up in the vein. I’d welcome it if a structural geologist would care to offer a more refined explanation.

I don’t know the exact locality of this sample, so I’ll again throw the placemark in a random slate quarry in the region where I collected this sample.

Slickensided Surface

Oblique View – Slickensides on Top and Quartz Vein Filling

Edge-On View of the Vein and Slate “Augen”(?)

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