Day #95 Deskcrop: Charnockite

A couple of weeks back Callan kicked off his transect of the Virginia Appalachians with a great post on charnockite. Well, I did a little digging and I’ve unearthed a deskcrop of charnockite of my own. Mine is from the Adirondacks, most likely in the neighborhood of the Canada Lakes. My piece is pretty fresh so you see the green color of the orthopyroxene but not any of its dun weathering color. My deskcrop also shows a bit more strain than Callan’s. See my discussion in Callan’s comments for more geologic background on the Adirondack charnockites.


I’m not certain, but that may be a slightly larger crystal of andesine plagioclase showing a bit of labradorescence near the right side of this deskcrop.

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