I’m struggling with the topic of this month’s Accretionary Wedge.

This AW is to share your latest discovery with all of us. Please let us in on your thoughts about your current work. What you are finding, what you are looking for. Any problems? Anything working out well?

For the better part of the last few years I feel like I’ve been trying to share my discoveries via this blog and at geology meetings. Most of this has focused on using GigaPan photography in geology and creating virtual field experiences with GigaPan and Google Earth. I’ve also put a good deal of effort into building up the Geoblogosphere and aggregating and sharing geology news on the web. Most recently I’ve been sharing the deskcrops and outcrops of my life. And of course, I teach geology to Fort Hays State University geology students (and anyone else who cares to listen), which I enjoy, but more importantly pays the bills and makes the rest of this possible.

For better or worse, that status quo is not sustainable. Changes are coming, though not immediately. Over the next year and a half I need to either find a way to make the things I do here valuable to my peers and/or the world at large, or find something else to do. As much as I enjoy being on the bleeding edge of the intersection of geology and the web, sometimes it’s lonely and unrewarding.

“Who doth not answer to the rudder shall answer to the rock.”

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