Day #79 Outcrop: West Castleton Fold

For this weekend’s outcrops I’m going to revisit the localities of my first two GigaPan images.

The West Castleton Fold is a justifiably famous fold in the slate belt of Vermont. The outcrop (which does seem to be a natural exposure) presents a vertical face through the axial region of a syncline in the Poultney Formation. Among the highlights of this outcrop are the beautiful bedding-axial planar cleavage relationships, as well as some lovely ptygmatic folds (below).

Ptygmatic Folds

West Castleton Fold

Unfortunately, the lighting was not as good when I revisited this outcrop last summer, though this time I had the GigaPan robot and was able to make a MUCH more detailed GigaPan (almost 100x more pixels).


Explore this and all of my 2010 Deskcrops and Outcrops in Google Earth!

Thus endeth “Slate Week” – time to head west…

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