Spring Cleaning: My Updated Geoblogosphere Blogroll

Some time ago WordPress lost track of the original Geoblogosphere Blogroll I had compiled in the sidebar. It’s probably just as well, because it was getting fairly outdated, given the general churn rate among geoblogs.

Today I got the urge to update my geoblogosphere blogroll – this time as a static page linked from the menu bar just below my header. Its a task that’s eaten much of the day, though I’m glad to have it updated (at least for now). I’ll try to keep it up to date, but will almost certainly fail to do so.

The page is organized in three sections, each ordered alphabetically. I’m pleased to say the largest section is the Active Geoblogs, followed by the Mothballed/Deprecated Geoblogs, and finally those that have passed into the Ether. Why do I maintain a list of mothballed/deprecated blogs? Two reasons: first, some blogs come back to life (I know from personal experience); and second, there’s still good value in all of the archived older material on many of those sites – just because it isn’t new doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting.

Active, I should hasten to add, is a relative term here – I’ve loosely used about a six month cutoff for the most recent (geology related) blog entry. Some folks post on a daily basis and many post much more sporadically. I have made no effort to distinguish these, nor any effort to subcategorize the geoblogs by their area of emphasis. That would probably be a useful next step, but don’t hold your breath waiting for me to do it. I am going to maintain a limited blogroll down on the right sidebar of my blog for the handful of these blogs that I personally consider “Must Reads”. Both geoblog lists are necessarily subjective – I don’t read a lot of paleo blogs because my interest is more in the hard-rock geology fields – please don’t be offended. However, if you think I’ve missed an important blog or you’re just getting started in geoblogging and want me to take a look at your blog feel free to comment on this post and I’ll take your input under advisement.

Geoblogger meetup at the Thirsty Bear – AGU, Dec. 2008
Bonus Points – Can you match the geobloggers with their blogs?
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