Day #77 Deskcrop: Red Slate

The Indian River Slate is truly one of the more beautiful slates that’s quarried in the New York/Vermont region. It’s rich red color suggests strongly oxidized iron. In addition, this slate is a somewhat more siliceous slate (in the field we commonly referred to this as a more “delicious” slate) and tends not to break as brittlely as the Metawee Slate.

Once more I’m not certain of where this specific sample was collected, but I’ve located it just east of the bridge over the Indian River in East Poultney, Vermont where I’m quite certain it crops out, since it was in the heart of my group’s field camp final mapping project area. A stone’s throw from this locality is the historic building where Horace Greeley got his start as a newspaperman. Once we’ve gotten through this week’s slates I promise we’ll “Go West”, young men and women.

Indian River Red Slate

Indian River Slate (Another View)

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