Day #74 Deskcrop: Maroon Slate

This week I’m kicking off a review of a couple different varieties of slate from the slate belt in western Vermont and eastern New York. I know this area well because it was the final mapping project during my three tours of duty on the Colgate Geology Summer Field Camp (the “OC”) – once as a student and twice as a TA.

Today’s deskcrop is a piece of maroon Metawee slate. The Metawee Formation is one of the most abundantly quarried in this region and has both green and maroon varieties, commonly both within the same quarry. The colors arise from differing oxidation states of iron – maroon or red is more oxidized and green is relatively reduced. These colorful varieties are both quarried for use as roofing slates. There’s really nothing particularly remarkable about this piece – I just wanted to establish a baseline theme for some of the variations coming later this week.

Maroon Slate

Maroon Slate (side view)

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