Day #73 Outcrop: Glacial Striations on Slate

Today’s outcrop takes us to Vermont for a look at some glacial striations on slate. This exposure is indeed a natural outcrop, though it sits at the rim of a slate quarry. I feel confident in identifying these as striations rather than tool marks of quarry equipment because they have an appropriate north-south alignment and the entire surface of the outcrop has a glacial polish. In the foreground of the first image below, you can see a bit of the slate’s cleavage dipping steeply to the right.

Glacial Striations on Slate

Follow the Striation

The area around Castleton and Poultney, Vermont was the final field mapping project area for Colgate’s Geology Summer Field Camp (The “OC”) when I was an undergrad there. As you can see from the quarry “tailings” pile below, there are no lack of samples to collect in this region. I’ve assembled a group of them for this week’s deskcrops, so if you enjoy slate stay tuned…

Slate “Tailings”

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