Where on (Google) Earth #193?

As much as I had folks roaming the globe looking for greenery in the far corners of the earth in WoGE #191, Péter seems to have perplexed searchers with his colorful cenotes in WoGE #192. And although I beat everyone else to it, I’ve got to admit that even though I spent a lot of time searching during my Schott Rule waiting period, I didn’t ultimately find the spot tucked away in a corner of the Yucatan Peninsula until many hours after my wait was up. Although I recognized the flat topography and likely sinkhole origin of the feature pretty quickly, I scanned the Yucatan at least twice before finally getting down close enough to find the spot in one of the few cloudless gaps that I had previously overlooked.

Needles in the haystack may be where the WoGE challenges need to go in order to avoid repetition or obviousness, but it can be a fine line between choosing a locality that’s challenging, but findable in light of the geologic evidence, and one that is so obscure that everyone searching throws their hands up in frustration. So far, we’ve generally been able to steer clear of the latter situation, though I know that from time to time I’ve been sorely tempted to highlight a postage stamp-area that has geologic significance that may only be obvious to me. I, for one, thrive on challenges like that, so I’m in no way complaining.

For WoGE #193, I’m choosing a small area, but one that has a fairly distinctive geologic feature (I think), so I’m going to invoke the Schott Rule – wait an hour for each WoGE win before answering, please. Post time: 3/13/2010, 18:50 Central Standard Time (USA).

Where on (Google) Earth #193.

Have fun!

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