Day #60 Deskcrop: Saltsickles!

In the valley below the potash evaporation ponds featured yesterday there is an overhanging cliff of Permian Cutler Formation redbeds that is covered in the most remarkable Quaternary deposit…

Salt Stalactites and Stalagmites

As well lined as the evaporation pools above are, some brine will inevitably leak out. As it seeps from the cliff above, it evaporates, and the resulting salt deposits (sheltered from rain by the overhanging cliff) form an amazing array of salt stalactites and stalagmites. Today’s deskcrop is a portion of one of those salt stalagmites (which are generally thicker and blunter than the soda-straw thin stalactites).

Salt Stalagmite

Of course, no geology student worth their salt passes up the opportunity to do the obligatory physical properties test…


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