Where on (Google) Earth #191?

It didn’t take me long to find the Goat Paddock Crater in Western Australia that Michael Cohen featured in Where on (Google) Earth #190. Impact craters are really easy to spot, particularly with the help of compilations like the Consolidated Impact Crater Database. I recognized the color of the landscape as Australia right off the bat and it didn’t take long to find this distinctive hole in the ground. That’s why it’s called the Schott Rule

It’s also really good to see WoGE getting competitive again and bringing in new winners. In fact, Michael’s new geoblog, From Saturn, With Love, is only the most recent to be inspired by winning a WoGE contest. Here’s hoping it will grow steadily in both content an visitors!

Since I had so much fun stumping the geoblogosphere with a river last time I hosted WoGE, I figure it’s only fitting to see if you’ve gotten any more familiar with fluvial landscapes since then. And since I like the wide-open race to discover these, I’m not invoking the Schott Rule this time. Just find the image below in Google Earth, and comment below with its latitude and longitude and a little about the geological significance of the site. Simple as that…

Where on (Google) Earth #191.

Happy exploring!

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