Day #44 Outcrop: Jurassic Ripplemarks

As the Alameda Parkway traverses the Dinosaur Ridge hogback on the west side of Denver, CO roadcuts expose a wonderful array of sedimentary rocks, including the famous Jurassic Morrison Formation, not far from its type locality. This weekend I want to highlight some of the beautifully preserved ripplemarks near where the Parkway crosses the crest of the ridge. We’ll look at some younger ripplemarks tomorrow…

Linear Ripplemarks

Interference Ripplemarks

Ripplemark Profile

As a geologist I’m usually focusing my camera at the rocks and occasionally cursing the flora that gets in the way. However, I’m not averse to taking photos of pretty flowers – especially when they serve to illustrate a geologic feature. This one was just a stone’s throw from those lovely ripplemarks…

Joint-Controlled Flora – Indian Paintbrush

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