Day #43 Deskcrop: Wollastonite-Diopside-Garnet Skarn

It feels like forever since we’ve visited the Adirondacks (actually it’s only been about three weeks). It’s certainly been too long since I posted a good metamorphic deskcrop. Well, let’s fix that…

Today’s deskcrop comes from the old mine dump at Willsboro, NY. This deposit is one of a number in the eastern Adirondacks that are/were mined for their wollastonite-diopside-garnet skarn rocks. I know that eclogites are more frequently described as “Christmas tree” rocks, but this beauty would certainly be an admirable alternative. I’ve included three views of the sample so you can see the uneven distribution of the three principal minerals.

Wollastonite-rich Face

Side View – Wollastonite with Garnet and Diopside-Garnet Segregations

Christmas Tree View – Lots of Diopside, with Liberal Measures of Garnet and Wollastonite

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