Speaking of dead pets…

Dead Horse Point, Utah, June 1, 2006

Overhang at Dead Horse PointAlthough I haven’t got any good dead pet stories to swap (there were a few goldfish, but we weren’t really close) I did just stitch together a cubic QTVR panorama of Dead Horse Point, Utah (above) taken during this summer’s FHSU Geology Field Camp. I didn’t realize until after I’d shot it that the ledge I was standing on was actually overhanging the 500 foot cliff – thankfully I didn’t feel the need to get all the way out to the edge and peer over. Here’s a Google Earth placemarkGoogle Earth Placemark for the panorama. Even with the terrain quality maxed out in Google Earth 4 Beta the cliff doesn’t drop off anything near as vertically as it does in real life. Nevertheless, the high resolution satellite imagery is good enough to pick out the low stone wall that I hopped to take the panorama – cool!

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