Where on (Google) Earth #188?

Dan was kind enough to post a WoGE near the Somali coast last week without invoking the Schott Rule, so I got a chance to play once again and I didn’t waste any time in recognizing that distinctive low-latitude north facing escarpment.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with WoGE (who dat?), the object is to search Google Earth until you find the tract of land pictured below. Once you’ve found it, identify its latitude and longitude in the comments to this post and do what you can to describe the geological significance of this area or the landform in question. The winner (first person to post the correct location and geology) will have the honor of hosting the next WoGE competition on their own Geoblog. If you haven’t won (recently) or have just been thinking about starting your own geology blog it’s a great chance to win a little exposure among your colleagues and the bragging rights that go with that. If you’re getting bogged down or just want to take a break from searching, consider taking a tour of past WoGE localities – the list is getting quite impressive. And if you’re still looking for more of this Google Earth geo-goodness have a look at the new Pathological Geomorphology blog which was inspired by WoGE.

I’ll won’t invoke the Schott Rule this time, even though I think it might be easy to recognize the geologic process (if not the specific locality). Just find it, baby!

[Update 3/1/10: Hint – this WoGE locality is in a country that is host to three previous WoGE localities.]

Where on (Google) Earth #188.

Happy hunting!

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