Day #27 Deskcrop: Multicolored Sand

Continuing the geomeme of sand for this week*… if you’re up to the challenge, comment on what you think the composition of the sand is and where it’s from. We’ll find out who knows their sand… ;-)

Multicolored Sand (Macro)

Multicolored Sand (15mm microscopic)

Multicolored Sand (microscopic closeup)

*Although this post has Wednesday’s date on it, I’m actually posting it and the other “sand series” posts late Thursday evening.

[Update: No doubt this one seems to have turned out to be the hardest nut to crack in the bunch. As it turns out, this is dune sand from Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado, collected just east of Medano Creek – the famous pulsating river. Despite the compositional immaturity of the grains, they are dominantly well rounded, and texturally well sorted.]

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