Day #26 Deskcrop: Green Sand

Continuing the geomeme of sand for this week*… if you’re up to the challenge, comment on what you think the composition of the sand is and where it’s from. We’ll find out who knows their sand… ;-)

Green Sand (Macro)

Green Sand (15mm microscopic)

Green Sand (microscopic closeup)

*Although this post has Tuesday’s date on it, I’m actually posting it and the other “sand series” posts late Thursday evening.

[Update: There really wasn’t much suspense about this one at all. Any geologist who’s visited the Big Island of Hawaii or knows another who did has probably heard of the Green Sand Beach at Pu’u Mahana, Hawaii. The green color is, of course, imparted by the high abundance of olivine grains in the pocket beach below this eroding littoral cone near the southern tip of the Big Island.]

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