Day #7 Deskcrop: Hawaiian Basalt on its Sixth Birthday

As I mentioned in this past Sunday’s Outcrop post I was on a field trip to the big island of Hawaii six years ago this week. After a miserable week of rainy weather, we finally got a two day break of glorious sunshine. By lucky coincidence we had planned exactly these two days to backpack out to Pu’u O’o in an effort to get up close to an active lava flow.

After a nine mile hike we hit the jackpot! We arrived at the west side of Pu’u O’o about an hour before sunset, just in time to find a gorgeous little flow front advancing from the Amalgamated Shield Complex onto 1983 vintage cinders. (Yes, we were on the island to party with the volcano on the eruption’s 21st birthday :-) .) The wind was gentle and at our backs as we approached the flows and a great experience was had by all.

Collecting Today's Deskcrop
Birth of a Deskcrop

There are plenty more stories and pictures from that trip, but today on its sixth birthday I wanted to feature the deskcrop that was born that day. Unfortunately it was impossible to bring back much more than pictures and memories from that experience, but a few of the pieces of basalt that were birthed on the tip of my hammer reside in a jar in my office to this day. Needless to say, they are the youngest rocks in my office.

Here they are:

The Hammer and Lava Fragments

Tip of the Spear (Hammer)

Happy Birthday, Deskcrop!

Happy Sixth Birthday Hawaiian Basalt Deskcrop!

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