Where on (Google) Earth #175?

It’s been almost a month since I found EffJot’s WoGE #174, but I’ve been in a real blogging funk recently, so I’m only getting around to posting #175 today. Nonetheless, I’m determined to get this one posted before I leave for GSA (#GeoPort) and Earth Science Week comes to a close.

This one’s a beauty for the structural geologists out there – there’s a lot of folding & faulting visible. Of course, to win and host the next WoGE you’ll need to locate the imagery in Google Earth and comment on this post with its latitude and longitude and an explanation of the geology that’s visible, to the best of your ability to determine it. Good Luck!

Where on (Google) Earth #175.

No Schott Rule. Just win baby!

Looking forward to seeing all the geobloggers and geotweeters in Portland!

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