Calico Folds

There’s been an overwhelming and uniformly positive response to the Google Earth Geology Layer post I made a week ago. I’m still trying to digest all of the feedback, but as soon as I have a chance to I’ll do a follow up. Meanwhile, back to my regularly scheduled blogging…

The Calico Folds, just northeast of Barstow, California was the next geological stop on my journey back to Hays from AGU last December. The GigaPan below is one of four I shot at this locality. You can explore the whole set in their “natural habitat” in Google Earth. This one’s for all of the structural geologists out there.


Remarkably little is written up about this locality in guidebooks of the region, despite the fact that these spectacular folds are featured in a number of textbooks. Remarkably, though I’ve passed through this region at least twice in my geological career I was unaware of the location of these spectacular folds until I did a little sleuthing on Flickr this past year. This leads me to believe that they are a “secret” location visited by many classes and field camps, though I have no direct knowledge of that. If anyone knows of any guidebook descriptions of this locality that may have escaped my attention or of any classes that visit this locality for fieldwork I’d be interested to know about them.

It’s remarkable to me that such a spectacular and generally accessible locality could be such a well kept secret – well, no more!

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