Bolinas Lagoon

Bolinas Lagoon is a mudflat/tidal marsh located along the San Andreas fault zone just about twelve miles northwest of the Golden Gate in Marin County, California. The southern end of the Point Reyes peninsula lies west of the fault here and consists of Salinian granitoid rocks (mostly tonalite and granodiorite), derived from the southern Sierra Nevada/western Mojave Desert segment of the Cordilleran magmatic arc, and transported about 465 km northwestward my offset on the San Andreas and related faults. East of the fault and visible in some of the bluffs beside the Pacific Coast Highway are sedimentary rocks of the Franciscan subduction complex. The epicenter of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake was located only about 10 miles northwest of the camera location near Olema, California.


I wonder if I’d have any more luck starting a mudflat meme, seeing as the pillow fight doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. Probably not.

Update: Maybe I need to get back into a more scientific mindset and do a better literature search before I go spouting off about starting mud memes. I seem to lost track of the fact that both Kim and Silver Fox have preceded me in wading into the mud.

Here’s mud in your eye, ladies!

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