Where on (Google) Earth #162?

I loved winning the first Taiwanese WoGE locality because it offers me the opportunity to offer up a special Valentines Day WoGE.

Not only is this a fitting locality for the day, but it also qualifies as one of the entries on the Geologist’s 100 Places to Visit list. Needless to say, in identifying the locality (latitude and longitude will do the job there) I expect a lovingly crafted explanation of the geology of the feature at the heart of this challenge. As always, the winner gets a date with destiny, selecting the location of WoGE #163.

Where on (Google) Earth #162.

No Schott Rule, but I’d like to suggest that recent winners give it maybe six hours (Post time: 11:50am CST) so that the newbies have a chance to fall in love with WoGE.

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