Cluetrain for the Common Man

As 2005 winds down and I sit here contemplating New Year’s resolutions I got to thinking about Jon Udell’s winter break dilemma about whether or not to write about The blog as resume and autobiography. My first thought is “Hey, anything I can do to encourage Udell to write for a ‘wider’ (print) audience is time well spent”. So if a sheer democratic response is going to help you solve this dilemma Jon, count my vote as Yes, Yes, Yes!!! (Chicago style democracy, that is.)

When I think of the champions of blogging it seems to me that many (but not all) have aimed their message to a business audience (e.g., Cluetrain Manifesto, Naked Conversations). As a college professor, I have no trouble reading “university” in place of the traditional “business” and seeing the relevance of the message – it’s really not much of a stretch. Even so, I look at profile #3 and see myself in the mirror. Why am I not blogging in the way Udell suggests? Maybe I just need a push out of the comfort of the nest. Whether the common man has trouble making this stretch to his own life I cannot say, but I think it is a very real possibility that hypothesis #1 is on the mark (the value of blogging just hasn’t occured to most folks).

If there’s one thing I am confident of, it is that Jon Udell understands the democratizing power of networked technology and can communicate that vision to others. It’s a message worth spreading. Spread the word, brother!

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