Where on (Google) Earth #156?

I was aware that Google Ocean (aka Google Earth 5) was going to be released on Monday so I wanted to wait until after folks had a chance to download and explore it a bit before posting the current Where on (Google) Earth? (WoGE) challenge. Since it’s been quite a while for many of you (WoGE #155 went on for months before I solved it last week), let me remind you that the object of the WoGE challenge series is to be the first to find and correctly identify the latitude and longitude of the feature in question, identify what it is and to describe what you can about its geology. The first person to successfully do both wins the honor of hosting the next Where on (Google) Earth? challenge. A list of past winners is (sporadically) maintained at http://ron.outcrop.org/kml/WoGE.kmz (I’m working on getting it updated It’s up to date… for the moment).

Winning and hosting a WoGE is a great way to get your geoblog noticed, so newcomers are strongly encouraged to participate. To further this goal, I will invoke the Schott Rule (Post time: 4:15pm CST) – previous winners must wait at least one hour for each successfully solved WoGE before submitting a solution.

It would be remiss of me if I did not take advantage of the new capabilities in Google Earth 5 since I’ve waited this long to post this one. So download GE5 if you haven’t already done so and then you can dive into solving WoGE #156 (oblique submarine view):

Where on (Google) Earth #156.

Good luck and watch out for sharks.

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