The End of New Orleans?

Do not panic – but be very afraid. Hurricane Katrina is now a category 5 made landfall as a category 4 storm. It’s current track is expected to take it directly over New Orleans, LA. What’s the link to geology? New Orleans is sinking due to the subsidence of the Mississippi delta; large sections of the city are 10 or more feet below sea level. The levees that keep many floods of the Mississippi River out may seal the city’s fate if they are breached and subsequently trap the storm surge of a major hurricane in. How bad could that be? Potentially very, very bad. In a worst case scenario we could be looking at thousands to tens of thousands of deaths and the end of New Orleans as a habitable city.

Fill your gas tanks today. Oil may well has already exceeded $70/barrel this week. And that might be just the beginning of it.

Pray for the best.

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