Giant Forest (Granodiorite)

Nothing like a good ‘ol geoblogospheric meme to get one back in the swing of posting, and it seems the meme of the week is trees. Geotripper got it started with an oak(?) in the meadow just north of Sentinel BridgeGoogle Earth Placemark. He also mentioned Ansel Adams’ famous Jeffrey Pine on Sentinel Dome. Personally, my favorite Ansel Adams tree is the one featured in Early Morning, Merced River.

My own favorite tree is a Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) in the Lost Grove in Sequoia National Park, alongside the Generals Highway. It’s not easy to capture a giant sequoia in a single photograph, but fortunately I had my QTVR gear with me last time I passed that way…

Giant Sequoia, Lost Grove, Sequoia National Park, June 27, 2005

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Now you may wonder, what’s the geological angle? Well, it turns out that somewhere down under all that leaf litter on the forest floor is the Giant Forest Granodiorite of the ~100Ma Sequoia Intrusive Suite. How many other rock units are so intimately assiocated with a type of tree? The “macro” GigaPan below you can see a hand specimen of the Giant Forest Granodiorite. Zoom in to see the details of the mineralogy. How many minerals can you identify?

Giant Forest Granodiorite
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