Where on (Google) Earth #149?

What… you mean I’m supposed to post the new WoGE challenge when I find one? It’s been so long since I won that I was beginning to forget. (Not to mention that it’s been so long since I’ve geoblogged it’s a challenge to remember how to make any post at all.)

Fact is, Péter Luffi just hammered me with WoGE #142 and after much gnashing of teeth I figured I needed to focus my attention on the things that pay the bills. And then inertia took over. Fortunately, EffJot finally found it and WoGE was once again rolling along… until I solved WoGE #148 last Friday and left everyone waiting… and waiting… and waiting…

Although I’ve been remarkably quiet on the blogging front I’ve still been surfing Google Earth and I think I’ve found my new favorite geological view of all time. There’s so much geological goodness in this one that I don’t feel so bad about the fact that it’s zoomed way in and at a low oblique angle. (Don’t like that? Then wait for WoGE #150.)

As always, the winner is the person who first posts the location of the feature(s) in question (latitude and longitude will suffice), but there’s so much good geology in the view that it’ll kill me if the winner doesn’t give it the explanation it deserves. Okay, enough talk… let’s see it:

Where on (Google) Earth #149

No Schott Rule, since I’m not playing this round. :-) But it’d be considerate if you got your geological explanation in order before you blurt out the coordinates, okay?

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