Another Bigger Unconformity Ahead

About this time last year I was vacating my office at Fort Hays State University and moving my computers to my home in Hays, necessitating a couple of days of downtime for Despite using one of my photos of the Carlin Canyon angular unconformity to illustrate this, that interruption was really more akin to a minor disconformity than an angular unconformity.

In another week or so, however, I’ll be making a much bigger move – from Hays, KS where I’ve lived for the last eight years, to Bakersfield, California. Once again will be offline, but this time for at least a week, maybe more. Given the allochthonous nature of this move, I’m not even sure if an unconformity is even the best metaphor for this interruption. So I’ve lined up three geologic photos that all illustrate dramatic geologic discontinuities, and I’ll let you draw your own interpretations.

Angular Unconformity, Capitol Reef National Park


Disconformity, Henry Mountains


Fault, Vermillion Cliffs National Monument

I hope to breathe some new life into the Geology Home Companion once I’m settled down in California. I’ll be a lot closer to much of the geology I love best and sharing my explorations of it will remain a central theme of this blog. But my long-time readers also know well that I’m always striving to unearth innovative technologies to apply to geology, so who’s to say exactly what the future will hold?

One thing’s for sure, though – I do value the community of my blog’s readers and commenters, as well as all the fellow geologists and friends of geology that I interact with regularly via other geoblogs, Twitter, Google+, and other forms of social media. I invite all of you to take advantage of this hiatus in my blogging to reflect upon what I’ve done here that you value most and what you’d like to see more or less of and to give me some guidance in the comments. I invite especially suggestions for new or modified directions that I could take my blogging that would increase its value to you. I’ve got lots of ideas percolating, but I’d really like to hear yours, too.

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