Where on (Google) Earth #140?

Hi, I’m Ron Schott. You might remember me from such blogs as Ron Schott’s Geology Home Companion and comments throughout the geoblogosphere (see blogroll in the right sidebar)…

Okay, so much for the Troy McClure intro. It’s been a while since I posted despite lots of attention that’s been pointed this way since my last contribution. Leading FHSU’s Geology Summer Field Camp (yes, I have a semblance of a life off the web) was responsible for a chunk of that downtime, but inertia seems to have taken over from there.

But as always, the Where on (Google) Earth series has a habit of awaking me from my blogging slumber. Since I was able to pinpoint Péter’s cratered WoGE #139 it again falls to me to try to stump the assembled geoblogosphere with an obscure view of Earth’s uppermost crust. The view below was spotted by a satellite and, despite any passing resemblance, is not the petrographic miscroscope view of some mega-amphibole.

Identify its location (latitude and longitude will suffice) and enlighten the less geologically savvy on how such a landform originates (as best you can) and you too may have the honor of adding your name to the recently updated winners list (now with subfolders!). Of course, the winner gets an easy blog post (and all the fame and attention that goes with that) out of the deal, as well. ;-)

Where on (Google) Earth #140

Because I have a strong suspicion that this locality won’t provide much challenge to veteran WoGErs, I will invoke the Schott Rule [post time: 13:00 CDT]. This only affects previous winners.

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