Where on (Google) Earth #118?

Dr. Lemming did a masterful job of selecting a stumper for WoGE #117. I spent days navigating the Indo-Gangetic Plain in search of his dastardly delta – I was about ready to qualify for my riverboat pilot’s license. Alas, it wasn’t until he delivered the camel-clue that I was released from the Camel Clutch that the Ganga held me with.

Despite really wanting to get back to the mountains, I came across so many interesting deltas that I figured I’d share one of them for WoGE #118. As always, the winner is the person who first posts the location of the feature(s) in question (latitude and longitude will suffice), but a professional grade (prograde) answer will also explain its geologic significance…

Basic Australian overhead (map) view…

Where on (Google) Earth #118

We don’t need no stinkin’ Schott Rule!

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