Call For Posts: Accretionary Wedge #41 – “Most Memorable/Significant Geologic Event That You’ve Directly Experienced”

A little over a month ago, while my geoblogging juices were really flowing, a late night rumble inadvertently inspired the theme for this month’s Accretionary Wedge. My own blogging pace has slacked off since then and perhaps yours has too, what with the pressures of the end of the semester and #AGU11. With any luck though, we’ll all have a chance to take a little time between final exams and the holidays to revisit our geoblogs and spread some geological holiday cheer.

Right, then. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to relate the story of the most memorable or significant geological event that you’ve directly experienced.

Let’s be clear about this – Accretionary Wedge #27 previously asked for the most important geological experience in your life and most of the submissions focused on the events that had the most significance in introducing one to geology – been there, done that; that’s not what we’re looking for this time.

What we seek for Accretionary Wedge #41 is an account of a geologic event that you experienced firsthand. It could be an earthquake, a landslide, a flood, a volcanic eruption, etc. (but don’t feel compelled to stick to the biggies – weathering, anyone?) – some geologic process that you were able to directly observe and experience. The event itself need not have been dramatic or life threatening, or it may have been. The event may have taken place before you were trained as a geologist or since (or maybe you don’t have any geologic training at all). Ideally, it’s something you can describe from firsthand experience, even if you didn’t experience it at ground zero. Events that my have happened while you were at a safe distance, but of which you were able to directly experience the aftermath (while the geologic evidence was still fresh) are certainly acceptable (perhaps you’ve been involved in relief or research efforts immediately following a major geological event). And by all means, don’t limit yourself to a single event if you’ve experienced more that one!

The story you weave is, of course, up to you. Pictures are always a plus (bonus points for audio or video) – you know we’re all adrenaline junkies on one level or another. I’m posting this call during the waning hours of the Paleozoic (time’s almost up, trilobites) but you have until the beginning of the Anthropocene to get your submissions posted. I’ll do my best to gather it all together sometime before Pangea Ultima gets together.

Landslide damage

This blog post will self destruct in 5… 4… 3…

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