Regular visitors may notice that my header has changed (it’s now a rotating image – go ahead reload the page to see another one). This is something I’ve been contemplating for quite a while. Actually, I had previously considered splitting my geology blogging off to The Outcrop (to reflect my domain name ‘’), as I have since moved my local blogging to Fortress Hays. But since the geoblogosphere has taken off over the past year I’ve been more and more reticent to give up the blog juice I’ve accumulated here.

I also realize that this blog has an awkwardly long title. Almost from the beginning I’ve called my personal web page “The Geology Home Companion”. When I got the blog started back in March of 2006 (yes, I’m officially coming up on my third blogiversary) I was thinking about SEO and I wanted to include my name and the term “geology” in the title, so the monstrosity that emerged is what you see above. I know it’s a bear to fit into sidebar blogrolls (it’s listed in my own as “GHC Blog”), but again, I’m wary of changing it for fear of losing whatever “branding” karma has accrued over the years. I’m hesitant to switch it to simply “The Outcrop” since this is the title of UW-Madison’s Geology & Geophysics Departmental Alumni publication and they clearly would have naming priority if the issue of intellectual property rights were ever raised (I haven’t heard any complaints from Garrison Keillor or American Public Radio on the current title).

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the new header. Feel free to make a game of identifying all of the localities/geologic features.

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