Double Exposure

Here’s a pair of GigaPans I shot this past summer at Kakabeka Falls, west of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Before I explain why I shot this scene twice, take a few minutes to explore the GigaPans and compare and contrast the two scenes. I’d be interested in your thoughts (please comment, below) on which is the more pleasing image and why you felt the way you did about them.



I’ve shot pairs of GigaPans before, but the goal previously was to combine two adjacent shots into an anaglyph GigaPan. This pair of GigaPans was shot from exactly the same spot, with a different intent. I used this pair of shots to try to expand my photography horizons, by shooting one (top) with the normal exposure settings I’d choose for most shots, but the second (bottom) with a very slow shutter speed to try to capture a more dreamy appearance in the waterfall (there’s probably a proper photographic term for that and I’d appreciate it if someone would let me know what it is). I also changed the framing a bit the second time round, to capture a slightly wider overall field of view, with the intent of doing a better job of framing the falls, as well. So the question to you, the viewer is: which do you like better? Let me know in the comments.

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