Where on (Google) Earth #116?

Péter Luffi and I have got quite a volley going with recent Where on (Google) Earth entries. The back and forth is great (for us), but I’d love to see someone else jump out of the stands and steal the ball. I’ve posted a bunch of rivers recently, so to change it up a bit I’m going for something a bit dryer. The features in question were in the news a year or two ago when an interesting origin was proposed for them. So as usual, the winner is the person who first posts the location of the feature(s) in question (latitude and longitude will suffice), but you’ll make a much bigger splash if you can also identify the hypothesized geologic origin of the feature in question…

Basic overhead (map) view…

Where on (Google) Earth #116

At the risk of continuing our back and forth volley, I’m NOT invoking the Schott Rule (yet again). Good luck!

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