Rain, Rain, Go Away!

As foreshadowed in my pre-departure post rain has been the theme for the day. Aside from a brief glimpse of the sun just east of Denver our journey thus far has been more fitting for a meteorologist than a geologist. We’ve had fine misting rains, heavy downpours, thunder and lightning, sleet, and snow – and at least for one stretch this afternoon, all of these at once! Nevertheless, we were able to dodge the raindrops for geological stops at the I-70 Roadcut throught the Morrison Fm and it’s exposure just south along Alameda Parkway. Unfortunately, all of the Precambrian igneous and metamorphic stops had to be canned because of heavy downpours. Since driving through the rain (and snow) made up the bulk of the day, it is only fitting that my initial podcast is a narration of a stretch of the drive crossing the Continental Divide in Colorado. We ended up ditching our campground reservations and getting a motel for the night (which is why I’m able to send an update so soon).

Here’s hoping for dryer weather for the rest of the trip!


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