Geology Office Hours Hangouts on Google+

For more than a month now I’ve been holding “Geology Office Hours” twice a week on Google+ using the “Hangouts with Extras” feature. Hangouts are a free video chat for up to ten participants on the Google+ Platform. I’ve said before that Hangouts are the “killer app” of Google+. The aim of the office hours is basically to answer questions about geology and to discuss geological events in the news. They are open to anyone who wants to attend. I’m currently running them every Monday and Thursday at 4:00pm CST (2200 GMT) and they usually last 1-2 hours, with participants coming and going freely as their own schedules dictate.

We recorded this afternoon’s hangout so if you’ve been wondering what Hangouts are all about, have a look:

(The recording was my first successful attempt and I did minimal editing. Audio quality is not great, but not terrible either. You can see a higher resolution version if you watch it in HD on YouTube.)

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