Where on (Google) Earth #112?

It’s been a while since I won a Where on (Google) Earth challenge. In fact, the WoGE series has really gone global since it’s last visit here, making stops at quite a few new geoblogospherians. Most of those WoGEs haven’t lasted long enough for me to even take a shot since my own personal Schott Rule waiting period is now over 30 hours. Finally, this past weekend I found Fidel Castro’s old stomping grounds before the rejuvinated crowd beat me to it. Apologies for being slow to post a new one – I’m a little rusty.

While I’ve been away from Where on (Google) Earth I’ve enjoyed participating in a couple of other GeoPuzzles that have sprung up in the community. Identifying the mystery impressions from Hawaii earned me a poster (Thanks Tuff Cookie!!!), while in attempting to solve the mystery mineral from South Africa I discovered a geologic misconception of my own. I’ve got to admit, though, that the most fun I had with a geopuzzle was figuring out the identity of the eleventh edition of the Airliner Chronicles.

It was also that last GeoPuzzle that led me to select the location of the current Where on (Google) Earth challenge. Think of it as something of a hybrid WoGE/Airliner Special. Oblique views from Google Earth (top) and Boeing 737-800 (bottom):

Where on (Google) Earth #112
Where on (Google) Earth #112

For the newbies: Identify the location of the feature (latitude and longitude will do) and describe the geology as best you can. We’re pulling for you!

And frankly, I’m sick of the Schott Rule so I’m explicitly NOT invoking it!!! Who was the idiot that thought it up anyhow?

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