Where on (Google) Earth #316?

Matt Hall served up a very challenging location for WoGE #315. It confounded searchers for more than 10 days, which is a real achievement given its distinctive appearance and the number of folks regularly seeking out WoGEs. I found it, but beyond the basics the geology is still pretty mysterious. As with almost all WoGEs a field expedition to get to the bottom of the geologic story would be really beneficial. If you’ve ever worried that modern science has discovered everything there is to find and figured out all there is to know, fear not.

I’ve chosen a more topographically rugged region for WoGE #316 (see image below). It probably won’t be too hard to find, but you know how I despise the Schott Rule, so I’m not going to invoke it. I will suggest, however, that there is a geologic significance to this location that is not readily apparent from the image below alone. Thus, I ask that before posting the location (latitude & longitude, as always) please be sure you’ve unearthed the deeper geological significance of the site. To the person who first posts both the correct location and geological significance of this site belongs the honor of selecting and posting WoGE #317 on their own geoblog.

Where on (Google) Earth #316.

Are you searching yet? Of quartz, you are.

[Update 11/1/11: Well, it’s been a week now and not even a nibble on this WoGE. I’m going to offer a hint, but instead of showing you a wider area, I’m going to show you a smaller area.]

Where on (Google) Earth #316.
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