Weekly Geology Roundtable – Who’s In?

I miss the podClast. For those who may not remember, the podClast is Chris Town‘s occasional weekend roundup of geology in the news, recorded via Skype and released as a podcast. To be clear, I don’t want to take over the podClast – that show was Chris’ baby and he may be interested in continuing it, or not – I don’t know.

118-1816_IMGWhat I do know is that I miss the weekly discussion of geology in the news and the goings on of the geoblogosphere. I was a regular contributor to the podClast because I thought it was a great idea and I still do. But rather than simply duplicating what Chris created, I’d like to take the idea even further, as technology now allows us to do this more easily than ever. I’d like to use Google+ Hangouts with Extras to turn the weekly roundtable into not just a show with talking heads, but figures and diagrams, and maybe even one day video clips and live broadcasts. In order to do this I’d like to get a bunch of established geobloggers together so that the show has a core group of regulars and I’d like to schedule a time to record the show that becomes regular enough that it becomes part of our weekly schedules. I’m inclined to aim for either Friday afternoon/evenings or sometime on Saturdays to record the show. If there’s enough interest I’d like to make a test recording this weekend and begin regular production next weekend. I expect the contributors to vary each week, but I’d like to get a core group of three or four of you such that in addition to myself hosting there’s at least one familiar face joining me each week, possibly on a rotating basis. For those of you familiar with Leo Laporte’s TWiT network, my vision is that this weekly roundtable show will be the geology equivalent of his flagship “This Week in Tech”.

So who’s interested in being part of this venture? Let me know in the comments or feel free to e-mail me. If you’re confident you’d like to participate, what time works best on a weekly basis for recording the show? There’s lots more to discuss and I imagine the test recording session this weekend would be a good opportunity to flesh some of this out. Even if you’re unable to make a recording this weekend but you’re interested in contributing in the future I’d like to hear from you. And if you don’t want to contribute as a participant but are interested in joining us as a lurker or consumer I’d be eager for your feedback as well.

[Update 10/1/11: Well, it looks like we’ve got a critical mass of interest, but not much yet in terms of agreement on scheduling. In light of that, I’m going to back off the aggressive timing that I had initially suggested (testing this weekend and going live next weekend) and take a more deliberate approach to ramping this up. I’ll be in contact with those of you who have expressed interest in participating and I’ll see if we can schedule some test roundtable strategy session hangouts over the course of the coming week. Then, if all goes well, we’ll try to schedule a first dry run roundtable for next Friday (unless that’s cutting it too close to #GSAMinn). In any case, as eager as I am to get this thing going there’s no point in rushing it; I’d rather build a sustainable group that’s in it for the long haul.]

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