Where on (Google) Earth #85?

I’m disappointed ScienceWoman and her fellow WoGE newbies who recognized Lab Lemming’s orographic precipitation when they saw it weren’t motivated enough to go track it down in Google Earth. I understand there are more important things for most of you to do, but I’m posting this one on a Saturday night so you’ll all have time to work on it on a lazy Sunday. There’s geology to describe here, but nothing really unique (at least at first glance). But most of all I’ve decided to dispense with oblique views and go back to a simple map view. North is even up, for all you non-antipodeans (podeans?). And what’s more I’ve picked a coastline at a reasonable zoom, so it’s not like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. We’ll even keep the veterans at bay (for a little while) by invoking the Schott Rule (Post time: 0:08 CST). So make me proud newbies – let’s see what you’ve got…

Where on (Google) Earth #85

For the newbies: Identify the location of the feature (latitude and longitude will do) and describe the geology as best you can. We’re pulling for you!

How about it Callan? Lee? Andrew? Tuff Cookie? Someone else? Who wants it?

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