Zoom Zoom Zoom!!!

Embedded below are two of my recent Gigapans of the Cretaceous Niobrara Formation chalk beds in western Kansas. Click on “Help” to learn how to navigate and zoom in on these images. In both of these Gigapan images there are a couple of “easter eggs” for you to find – specifically two little rock gnomes. When you find them I need your help in naming them. Let me know if you find anything else interesting.

Normal Fault in Fort Hays member, south of Stockton, Kansas
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The Gigapan above was a relative “close-up” and the one below is taken from a greater distance. Still, it’s amazing the level of detail one can see when fully zoomed in.

Smoky Hill member chalk, Castle Rock Badlands, south of Quinter, Kansas
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Come the end of this week I’m planning to take off to the southwest (New Mexico, Arizona, southern Utah) for a week of Gigapan photography before the spring semester starts up again. If you’ve got suggestions for field localities for my Gigapan images I’ll entertain suggestions. And if anyone wants to join me, I could certainly use a field assistant!

Happy New Year and happy gnome hunting!

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