The Rise of the Geoblogosphere

I’ll bite on the year end blogging retrospective meme…

In fact it is entirely fitting for me to do so, because it was just about exactly a year ago that KT Cat scratched my blog and prompted me to make some changes that I think have really turned out to be quite positive. Until a year ago I had blogged sporadically on a range of topics (a fair amount related to geology) but mostly I was speaking into a vast echo chamber. I had the occasional commenter and I even made a couple of interesting contacts via the blog, but any sense of community I had with the blogosphere was fleeting and tenuous at best.


All of that has changed for me over the past twelve months. The emergence of a genuine and growing sense of community among geology bloggers (the “geoblogosphere”… or is that GeoBlogoSphere? ;-) ) is the thing I’ll remember most about the past year in blogging. The very fact I’m writing this retrospective now is in response to posts by Kim and Brian, whose blogs are among many (see my blogroll at right) that I read zealously and comment on not infrequently. I think a big part of this growing sense of community (though by no means most or all of it) is due to the viral success of Brian’s “Where on (Google) Earth?” series, which is just about to mark its first birthday. (I’ll have WoGE #83 up in a little while.)

There are still more changes I’d like to make to improve my own contributions to the community over the coming year (so stay tuned…). And though the geoblogosphere is still small I have the sense that its continuing growth will make 2008 a very interesting year, indeed. I’m eager to hear some new voices even as I relish those of established geobloggers, and continue to develop my own.

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