Bushels of Deskcrops

For my entry in The Accretionary Wedge #4 I’ve made a GigaPan of the bookshelf in my office intended to highlight a bunch of my “deskcrops” (geologic specimens I have a fond attachment to). Click on the image to explore it at GigaPan.org. See how many of the deskcrops you can identify on your own – when you recognize one you can “Take a Snapshot” and add a comment. I’ve identified a couple, but there are plenty more you may recognize.

Deskcrops Galore – find them if you can!

Unfortunately I didn’t have any good way to light the office for photography and thus the images are pretty grainy when you zoom in much. I also didn’t use the full zoom capability of the camera in order to keep the stitch a reasonable size (a measly 0.81 gigapixels). I’ll try to do more individualized write-ups of individual specimens over the coming year.

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